Do you want to make eating meat illegal?

I believe in democracy, and I have no desire to impose my beliefs on others as a dictator. However, I do hope that the majority of the population will eventually conclude that it is wrong to inflict death and suffering on animals simply for the pleasure of tasting meat. When this day comes, I hope that the practice will be outlawed through the democratic process.

This is a view which is not shared by all animal rights activists. Many insist that it is wrong to impose our morality on others, even if it is done through the democratic process. However, I would point out that when we outlaw murder, rape, and torture, we are effectively "forcing our morality" on those who see nothing ethically wrong with murder, rape or torture.

Nevertheless, it is not my purpose in writing this web page to "force" anyone to become a vegetarian against his will, but simply to give people the knowledge with which to make an informed choice. Furthermore, I would point out that every time we choose to eat meat, we are "forcing our morality" on the animals which we send to the slaughter house.


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