Animal Rights and Vegan Ethics

List of Questions

Written by Eugene Khutoryansky

What about how other animals kill and eat each other?

Human beings are a part of the food chain, and eating meat is natural. So then, how can it be wrong?

What do you think about the phrase "survival of the fittest"?

Should we try to prevent other animals from killing and eating each other?

How common is cannibalism in the animal kingdom?

Isn't hunting by humans necessary to prevent deer overpopulation?

Doesn't the Bible say that humans have dominion over the animals?

Doesn't the Bible specifically state that it is ok to kill animals for food?

Don't only human beings have a soul?

If God did not want us to eat meat, then why did he place animals on the Earth?

What about killing plants?

How do you know that plants can not feel pain?

What would you do if we hypothetically discovered that plants do indeed feel pain?

Don't plants move their leaves to follow the sun?

Aren't there some religions which believe that plants possess a soul?

How do you know that other animals can feel pain?

Where in the animal kingdom does consciousness begin?

Is it ok to kill animals which do not possess consciousness?

What about insects?

What do you do when a colony of insects infests your home?

Do you view the killing of an insect as the moral equivalent of killing a bird or mammal?

Don't insects only behave on an instinctual level?

Can't all insect behavior be predicted by a predetermined algorithm, no different than a computer program?

Would you rather save your child or your dog?

What are the alternatives to testing on animals?

Do animal rights supporters refrain from using life saving drugs which were developed through animal testing?

Aren't there laws regulating the use of animals in laboratories?

How is experimenting on animals any different from other situations where humans kill animals for survival?

What if the cure to cancer could be produced by a hypothetical experiment on just a single animal?

Isn't it insulting to compare human beings with animals?

Don't only humans have the ability to use language and understand abstract concepts?

Aren't only humans self aware?

What evidence is there that other animals can make moral decisions?

Don't only humans have the ability to pass on cultural information from one generation to the next?

Don't only humans understand the concept of death?

Don't only humans have the ability to enter social contracts?

Don't only humans have the ability to use tools?

Don't humans have bigger brains than all other animals?

How can animals have rights?

What is meant by the term rights?

Where do rights come from?

Why should we behave better towards animals than they do towards each other?

Why do we have a moral obligation to animals who do not understand moral concepts?

What do we gain by respecting the rights of other animals if they do not respect our rights?

What if humans treat and slaughter the animals humanely?

What about eating road kill?

Aren't animals also killed during the harvesting of crops and the construction of roads?

What about situations where humans need to eat meat to survive?

If we didn't raise animals for food, then they would never have had the chance to be born and experience life at all.

Why is eating meat wrong?

Meat tastes too good to become a vegetarian.

When we eat meat, we are not breaking any laws.

If everyone becomes a vegetarian, then what will we do with all the farm animals?

Aren't the animals already dead when we purchase meat in a grocery store?

If everyone becomes a vegetarian, won't this create economic hardship for those who depend on animal agriculture?

Don't the majority of people think there is nothing morally wrong with eating meat?

Isn't eating meat a part of our cultural heritage?

Haven't humans eaten meat ever since they walked the Earth?

If you want to be vegetarian, that's fine. But, don't tell me what to do.

Do you want to make eating meat illegal?

Shouldn't we focus on solving human problems before worrying about animals?

How can some animal rights activists believe that other animals are our equals?

Isn't it wrong for vegetarians to act as if they are better than others and try to convert people?

What do animal rights activists think about abortion?

Doesn't duty to our own kind come first?


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